Volcanic Inspiration

Laguna Apoyo, Volcán Mombacho

Some scenes are just inspirational…all you have to do is just sit there and take it all in. This has to be one of my favourites. Taken while sitting in the garden of some very special friends, on the rim of an extinct volcano, overlooking the laguna that now fills it with balmy waters and Mombacho Volcano in the background. On clear days you can also see the tip of Volcan Concepción on the island of Omatepe in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

Three places, pretty close to each other, where the earth split open and exposed some of the power within its core. Inspirational to contemplate?

Something I have come to enjoy doing is taking an inspirational scene and using it to jumpstart an abstract piece, this is what I came up with from the above scene:

It’s highly unlikely you think of volcanoes when you look at this, but I do. I am also reminded of special friendships, good conversation, great food and a glass of something chilled.

Now comes the question, what am I going to turn this into? Well, I have ideas already in the pipeline and hopefully I’ll be able to share them soon. Until next time x

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