Fish and Chips Nica Style

Yesterday we took a trip to the Pacific coast, at Pochomil, to enjoy some time relaxing with friends. We originally had the idea of cooking on the beach but discovered that it was no longer allowed. Probably for the best as it was extremely hot there.

Nicaragua sells excellent fish and we went to the area where the launches come in and sell directly to anyone looking to buy. We bought a very large makerela and paid a few cordobas more at another stall to have it filleted.

I’ve no pictures to show you of the market and buying process, but here’s one of the outdoor kitchen I used to cook our fish and chips:

Simple, effective and oh so tasty!

After eating and a siesta, swinging in hammocks, we took the children to the beach:

This was the first outing for my new back-pack, not an unusual event you might think, except this back-pack is made from material I designed and was then beautifully made up in a village local to us where, in a tiny wooden house, they commercially make back-packs and bags. The boss expertly turned my Dogwood Denim, from Spoonflower, into this amazing bag, with loads of zipper pockets, as requested. Here’s the bag, incase you didn’t get to see it on Instagram…

And the original design…

Who would have thought it would turn out like it did, I certainly didn’t!

Until next time.

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