I am, unashamedly, one of those people who loves technology…don’t imagine for one minute I understand anything about how it all works, but I am happy, in my blissful ignorance of its internal workings, to stand on the side lines and aplaude all the incredible brains behind it. One thing I do know, though, that once something has been logged digitally it is nigh on impossible to remove it and somehow it remains forever engraved in the internet´s remarkable memory.

Imagine my surprise then, when this remarkable memory regurgitated a picture of me, taken some three and a half years ago, into my Instagram feed yesterday…

I still remember the day clearly and the relaying on the motorbike that Tim had to do to get Lucy and I to a very remote corner of Nicaragua to visit Fransisco. Lucy only came for a week but we crammed everything possible into it, I still remember fondly her visit!

After seeing the photo I made a snap decision to get in touch with my hairdresser to have my locks restyled for a more edgy look for our upcoming trip to UK, rather than my practical Nicaraguan style I currently favour. I´ll know tomorrow if this idea was a good one or not!

Now, for those of you wanting to know what the above ingredients can be turned into…a vegan tartar sauce! Did you guess correctly?

How to make Vegan Tartar Sauce

After making a thick almond milk (I use whole, unskinned almonds at a ratio of 1:2 almonds to water, and I don´t sieve out the bits!) with the blender running on high speed, add the fresh juice of a lemon, then, slowly add a light oil, like grape seed until it thickens and becomes like mayonnaise. The trick is to blend it a lot to really emulsify everything. Season with salt.

The almondaise can be used as it is or dressed up. To make the Tartar Sauce add chopped capers and chopped gherkins (I like to keep them chunky), and some finely chopped parsley.

Other ideas:

  • To the almondaise add crushed garlic, a pinch of cumin powder and ground pepper, or…
  • Stir though a good dollop of chimichurri, or…
  • Add tomato ketchup to make a Thousand Island taste-alike
  • Let me know if you try this out…
  • Until next time x
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