A Decision Made – I Think…

Last night, while lying in bed in a jet-lagged induced stupor, it occurred to me that I really must do something about this blog. Somehow it ground to a halt, not long off the starting block, and last night I realised why and what I was going to do about it.

When blogging first started, it was a way of writing one’s thoughts/experiences/ideas and simply publishing for anyone who wished to read, or not. Writing was the joy of the blogger. Along the way, Blogging gained a capital B and being A Blogger became a job that potentially gained you money and fame. My blogging started at relatively early times. It was carried out by me because I liked writing, I was never looking to be any kind of Influencer, simply a sharer.

I have, therefore decided that I will go back to my original purpose and not be influenced by present trends. No longer will I feel intimidated by the young and upwardly technical bods out there who leave me feeling intimidated and inadequate. This Blog, (yes, with a capital B!) will be for me and if you happen to read it, thank you, and if you choose not to, that’s fine too. I aim to share with myself, and happily with you also if you decide to join me, the little things in life that I realise are more easily remembered when committed to ‘paper.’ Maybe, along the way, you will get some recipe ideas too.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not feel that having ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ is the way to go, so please do not think I will be offended if you want to jump ship at this point. I understand that you too might just be looking for a way to carve out your own path, and with the little experience that I have, I say, “Go For It!”

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