The Olive Grove

Today we started preparing the land and trees ready for the olive harvest. This year the crop will be considerable, compared with last year, and the first year we have picked such a large quantity ourselves.

In total, we have 117 olive trees, set in a beautiful field that is full of flowers in the spring.

This time of year, however, things look very different, and we have quite a lot of work ahead to get the ground ready.

We have to cut and clear all the dried-up plants, and then cut off the suckers that grow around the base of the trees. Once the initial cleaning around the trees is done Tim will be able to use the tractor, which will make things considerably quicker.

Although most other olive farmers around us keep their land clear of plants throughout the year, our goal is different. Since we only visit here a couple of times a year, we aim to keep things simple. The sight of the land filled with flowers every spring is truly a sight to behold and worth all the work it creates later in the year. It provides a home and refuge for many types of wild animals and insects…field mice, wild boar, badgers and pine martens have all been seen here. The nightingale sings all day and all night and the buzz of insects is clear in the spring sunshine.

I’ve already started the curing of olives, about 16 pounds so far, that should keep us going this coming year! Imagine…a glass or two of wine, local cheese, some fresh bread and olives!

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