New Shop Open!!

So here it is finally, my very own online shop. You said you needed an easier way to access my products, and I can understand that…the other sites get confusing and you end up on someone else’s page of products. This shop will only feature my products.

I’ve chosen carefully the manufacturer as one that produces top quality products with good definition in printing.

At present the shop is only open in the UK and all postage is free. The turn-around time is quick so you receive your purchase within a few days, custom made for you.

Click HERE for the link to my shop and please pop along and have a look at my small beginnings and let me know what you think.

I’ll let you know as soon as new products and designs are added.

P.S….failure to launch…at present I have no idea why the click here link won’t work on a computer but does on a tablet. So try this instead…

4 thoughts on “New Shop Open!!

  1. Sue Watson

    Beautiful products Tina. U r a very clever lady! Is the coffee/tea cushion in the products at some point?
    Hope it goes well for you. Exciting!!


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