How I Make Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese

I know that not all of you who have signed up to receive email notifications for this Blog also are following me on Instagram, so with that in mind I just wanted to tell you about my latest venture into video making and encourage you to pop over to my Instagram account and have a look at how I make a delicious farmhouse cheddar.

When we moved to Nicaragua I missed having a tasty cheese to enjoy and found the local cheese far too salty or pungent, since they don’t refrigerate the cheese you can buy in the market they quickly become too fumey for my taste.

I started doing my research and came up with a simple do-able method that works every time. I didn’t even need to splash out on expensive equipment, everything I use I already had in the home.

So, I would encourage you to have a look at my Instagram page, out of interest if nothing else, and you might even be tempted to have a go yourself

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